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My Causes & Ambassador Member Information

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NOTE: LoveJustice is currently only alerting Ambassadors about social justice happenings in the Dallas area. As we expand the Ambassador program to more cities across the United States, your selection here will dictate the city for which you receive social justice news and events notifications.
NOTE: LoveJustice is expanding but currently only provides information for the specific metro areas listed above; thanks for your patience.
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Ways to Engage

LoveJustice Ambassadors support local social justice events and service opportunities. Beyond serving as an Ambassador, there are more ways to engage with LoveJustice.

Local Ambassador

  • Attend local social justice events that match your interests. (Our Ambassadors receive regular text alerts, each with a link to learn about upcoming opportunities.)
  • Connect with other members of the community and fellow Ambassadors while at local events.
  • Invite family and friends to join you in attending local events and service opportunities.
  • Contribute to expanding the program in your area by inspiring others to text “Dallas” to 855-783-LOVE (855-783-5683) to become a fellow Ambassador.

To catalyze our mission, we also need volunteers who are deeply passionate about and engaged in social justice causes in their local community.

Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Invite others to join the Ambassador team by attending Chamber of Commerce, networking, business and other local group meetings and events.
  • Connect with members of the local media to promote the Ambassador Program.
  • Attend local social justice events as a LoveJustice advocate.
  • Welcome and connect Ambassadors who attend events promoted by LoveJustice.

Local Nonprofit Coordinator

  • Identify and connect with local social justice nonprofits and explain the how the LoveJustice Ambassador program offers support.
  • Keep in regular contact with your local nonprofits and get details needed to promote their events and service opportunities.
  • Provide event and service opportunity details to LoveJustice for use in empowering Ambassadors to make an impact at the local level.

What's Happening Near You

LoveJustice keeps its finger on the pulse of social justice news and events in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Select from the list below to learn about happenings, and featured local nonprofits and ways they're making an impact within your home community or one near you.

Or become more informed about social justice news across the nation.