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Sen. Heinrich part of negotiations on gun safety bill framework

Senators are beginning to draft the most significant gun control measures in nearly 30 years. Sen. Martin Heinrich was part of that group that came up with the framework. “Recently, when I went to pick up my son at Albuquerque High, they were under lockdown because of a student-on-student shooting event just off-campus, so we know the level of gun violence is appalling and unacceptable,” Heinrich said. New Mexico’s rate of gun-related deaths is among the highest in the nation. - KRQE


  • On Capitol Hill, Gov. Lujan Grisham testifies on the impacts of climate change
    The bipartisan U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis invited Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to testify on state efforts to battle climate change. “We need to look no further than this state to see the devastating impacts climate change is already having in our states and on our communities,” said Lujan Grisham. The governor said they serve as examples of why government leaders need to turn things around. The committee focused on rules for New Mexico’s oil and gas industry to reduce emissions and meet renewable energy goals. - KOB

Local Organizations

Disability Rights New Mexico - Disability Rights New Mexico is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, promote and expand the rights of persons with disabilities. They are the designated protection and advocacy program for New Mexico and have authority under federal law to pursue legal, administrative and other remedies on behalf of persons with disabilities.

350 New Mexico - As New Mexicans, 350 New Mexico stands up for their land and their people. They move to win clean energy for the state, and toward a goal that's as real as it is vital: 350ppm. Get involved in New Mexico's transformation to a thriving clean energy economy.

New Mexico Voices For Children - NMVFC is a non-profit, statewide advocacy organization. They are proactive in developing a children's agenda for statewide action and implementation, and promote social policy that supports the development of healthy families and safe communities. They celebrate the strengths of children by encouraging and supporting the development of their full human potential.

SouthWest Organizing Project - SouthWest Organizing Project works to empower communities in the SW to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice. They empower disenfranchised communities of the Southwest to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice.

The Red Nation - The Red Nation is dedicated to the liberation of Indigenous peoples from colonialism. They do this through centering Indigenous agendas and struggles in direct action, advocacy, mobilization, and education.

New Mexico Women's Justice Project - The New Mexico Women’s Justice Project, Inc., located in Albuquerque, is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate a broad range of systemic barriers to social, economic and political justice faced by women, girls and their families in NM.

Albuquerque Center For Peace and Justice - The Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice strives to create a world where our collective needs are met sustainably and nonviolently. They provide space for organizations and individuals working on peace and justice issues to network with one another, share information, and learn from each other.

Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico - The Rape Crisis Center of CNM provides support and advocacy to survivors of sexual assault and abuse within the greater Albuquerque area. They serve as a community resource on issues regarding prevention and awareness of sexual violence.

Recent Events

Led by Mary Lambert, this interactive event will make use of a “board game” to explain the interconnectedness between nature and ourselves.

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Ongoing meeting organized by the Office of Civil Rights. The Human Rights Board main goal is to investigate complaints regarding discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, etc.

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