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• Juvenile justice reform bill to become law

A bill now set to become law aims to take a different approach to punishment for juvenile offenders. Introduced by Senator Jill Carter, it prohibits children under 13 from facing criminal charges unless they commit serious offenses, bans the incarceration of youth for first-time misdemeanor offenses and sets developmentally appropriate timeframes for probation. “It is time for Maryland’s juvenile justice system to focus more on care not cages,” Carter said. - Fox Baltimore

• Historically Black neighborhood fights to prevent displacement

The Poppleton community along Sarah Ann Street in West Baltimore have been fighting for years to have their properties taken off of the acquisitions list and inducted by the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation. At its last meeting, CHAP said it's re-evaluating the wishes of the residents, giving some organizers hope. “They’ve displaced over 200 families in our community since 2004 and so we’re just the last family remaining,” resident Sonia Eaddy said. “We were served a summons of condemnation in February 2020.” - WMAR 2 News

Local Organizations

Black Arts District - An Arts and Entertainment district defined by Americans for the Arts as a “well-recognized, labeled, mixed-use area of the city in which a high concentration of arts and cultural facilities serve as the anchor attraction.”

Muse 360 Arts - Muse 360 Arts’ mission is to provide Baltimore youth of diverse backgrounds with high-quality arts education that inspires them to reach their full potential.

YouthWorks - Through YouthWorks, teens and young adults ages 14 to 21 receive summer jobs with private, nonprofit, and city and state government employers throughout Baltimore. The Virtual YouthWorks 2020 program operated July 13 to Aug. 14.

Expanding Boundaries International - Our mission is to tear down walls that keep disadvantaged youth blocked from opportunities to learn, develop, and empower themselves through technology and international education.

100 Black Men of Maryland - Dedicated to the uplift of the African American community through national umbrella services known as, “Mentoring the 100 Way Across a Lifetime.” A chapter of men striving to elevate the opportunities for our people through radical improvements in health, education and wealth.

Bmore Empowered - Bmore Empowered is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and girls of color through mindfulness and entrepreneurship. Our programming focuses on workshops, training and gatherings to support black and brown woman and girls in Baltimore City.

Glass Door Project Inc. - The Glass Door Project Inc. is a community-based program serving at-risk LGBTQ+ young adults by providing them with skills to lead healthy, productive lives. In addition to providing a community food bank, it also holds volunteer Sundays, performing community service each week.

Bloom Collective Baltimore - Bloom Collective is an organization that supports women who are pregnant or have just become new mothers. Through birthing and lactation classes, Bloom Collective works to approach childbearing with a holistic approach by providing wellness practitioners who can be an advocate for mothers during labor and first stages of parenthood.

Friends of Southeast Baltimore County - Friends of Southeast Baltimore County aims to educate and support the fight for social justice, to advocate for civil rights via policy reform, and to build up the Black community by working together to address and remove barriers to equity, equality, and access.

ROAR - The Rebuild, Overcome, and Rise Center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore provides services to victims of crime who live in and were victimized in Baltimore City. We specialize in serving survivors of human trafficking, intimate partner, sexual and/or gun violence. There is no obligation to have reported to the police, no income restrictions and no immigration-status restrictions.

Recent Events

The Partners for Justice Conference takes place annually, and presents a unique opportunity for legal services program staff, the public and private bar, members of the judiciary, human services agencies, elected officials, and others to discuss critical issues facing the poor and underrepresented across the mid-Atlantic region and how we can improve access to justice.

Join us as we get together in-person for the first time since the start of the pandemic for our 23rd annual Partners for Justice Conference. Speakers and panelists from over 30 different organizations, government agencies, and law firms across Maryland and the United States will share their thoughts and ideas while leading discussions on key access-to-justice issues.

Upcoming Events

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This program will seek to provide a list of services to its targets, which include: 

  • Education - workforce development and entrepreneurial development
  • Housing
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Referral services for immigration needs
  • Wellness counseling
  • Mental health - rehabilitation services

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