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Drivers search out cheap gas as average prices reach painful peak

It’s becoming increasingly common for San Diegans to experience sticker shock at the pump. That’s apparently not going away anytime soon.

On Wednesday, San Diego set a new record-high for its average price of a gallon of regular unleaded, self-serve gas at about $4.73, according to the Auto Club of Southern California.

Mom Goes on Mission to Squash Cyber Bullying Efforts at San Diego School

A San Diego mother made it her mission to get an Instagram account that encouraged student bullying deleted after she found out it was targeting young girls, including her daughter, at an area charter school. - NBC San Diego

Local Organizations

The County of San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce

The County of San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce utilizes innovative programs, networking opportunities, and business partnerships to advance and strengthen Inclusive Economic Development throughout the City and County of San Diego.


Activist San Diego

Activist San Diego is an information, communications and mobilization organization networking for social justice. Through the Activist Center, the Internet, media and educational programs, ASD links volunteers with community organizations and facilitates the growth of grassroots efforts to grow a progressive movement for social change.


Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego

The Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego County provides a unified front for advocacy and action against all forms of discrimination and unequal treatment, particularly in our underrepresented and underserved communities.


 Alliance San Diego

Alliance San Diego is the community empowerment organization that builds coalitions to promote justice and social change.


San Diego LGBT Pride

San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride is a volunteer-supported human rights organization. To foster pride and respect for LGBT communities locally and globally.

San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium

San Diego County has always been a place of hope, opportunity, and encounter, and our legacy has always been one of welcoming those who come to our door, regardless of where they’ve come from. Our diverse, vibrant community has prided itself on treating people with dignity and respect, and has shared a deep and rich binational connection with its neighboring Mexican city, Tijuana.


Border Angels

Border Angels is a non-profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexico border. Border Angels engages in community education and awareness programs that include guided trips to the desert to place water along migrant crossing routes as well as to the border to learn about the history of US-Mexico border policy and experience the border firsthand.

Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego

Faith-based community service ministry of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego that advocates for a just society on behalf of the poor and promotes self-determination for all.


The Karen Organization of San Diego

The Karen Organization of San Diego is committed to educational and social enhancement of various ethnic minority groups from Burma who reside in San Diego, California.


San Diego Border Dreamers

Through advocacy, San Diego Border Dreamers hopes to promote and advance the civil and human rights of ALL immigrants.

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