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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Love Justice

“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more you learn, the more places you'll go.”

— Dr. Seuess

Love Justice

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

Love Justice

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”

— Victor Hugo

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Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? Follow three aspiring teachers on a cross-country journey through the vast and varied world of education as they seek out the wisdom and personal stories of pioneering educators who are redefining what it means to teach.

As they talk with inspiring teachers, policy makers, social entrepreneurs and activists—including Compton Unified School District principal Jacqueline Sanderlin, National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and many more—the Roadtrippers understand the vast opportunities and vital need for passionate young people to teach the next generation.

Where to Watch: Roadtrip Nation

Love Justice
Love Justice

Every day we hear stories about America’s troubled education system. And we’re told that in order to fix what’s broken, we need to narrow our curricula, standardize our classrooms, and find new ways to measure students and teachers. But what if these “fixes” are making our schools worse.

In Beyond Measure, we set out to challenge the assumptions of our current education story.

Rather than ask why our students fail to measure up, this film asks us to reconsider the greater purpose of education. What if our education system valued personal growth over test scores? Put inquiry over mimicry? Encouraged passion over rankings? What if we decided that the higher aim of school was not the transmission of facts or formulas, but the transformation of every student? And what if this paradigm-shift was driven from the ground up? By students, parents, and educators? By all of us?

In Beyond Measure, we find a revolution brewing in public schools across the country. From rural Kentucky to New York City, schools that are breaking away from an outmoded, test-driven education are shaping a new vision for our classrooms. These are schools that see critical thinking, communication, exploration, experimentation, collaboration, and creativity as the key to good education. And they are dramatically improving outcomes for children of all backgrounds. They are schools where practically every student graduates and goes on to finish college.

Beyond Measure offers a positive picture of what’s possible in American education when communities decide they are ready for change. Are you?

Where to Watch: Beyond the Race to Nowhere

For a nation that proudly declared it would leave no child behind, America continues to do so at alarming rates. Despite increased spending and politicians promises, our buckling public-education system, once the best in the world, routinely forsakes the education of millions of children. Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education statistics have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, whose stories make up the engrossing foundation of Waiting for "Superman".

As he follows a handful of promising kids through a system that inhibits, rather than encourages, academic growth, Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying drop-out factories and academic sinkholes, methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems. However, embracing the belief that good teachers make good schools, and ultimately questioning the role of unions in maintaining the status quo, Guggenheim offers hope by exploring innovative approaches taken by education reformers and charter schools that have—in reshaping the culture—refused to leave their students behind.

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Love Justice

Education News

Michigan Needs More Youth Mental Health Professionals. New Program Aims to Help.

By Hannah Dellinger | May 16, 2024 More mental health resources for youth are coming to Michigan this fall as part of a national effort that will also create pathways for young adults…
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Report: Michigan Teacher Salaries Aren’t Keeping Pace With Other States

By Lori Higgins | May 15, 2024 Average starting salaries for Michigan teachers lag behind most other states at a time when many school districts in the state are struggling with teacher shortages…
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‘Degree Forward’ is Making College More Accessible for Detroiters

By Micah Walker, BridgeDetroit | April 30, 2024 Andrew Linton’s college journey has been more than 10 years in the making. After high school, the native Detroiter went off to Virginia to attend…
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AP African American Studies Connects Michigan Students to Their Own History While They Make it

By Hannah Dellinger | April 29, 2024 As a crackling recording of Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech resonated in the background, eight students took their seats in a classroom at…
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Fact Sheet

  • 14% of U.S. schools exceed capacity.
    The National Center for Education Statistics
  • A student living in poverty is 13 times less likely to graduate on time.
    Do Something
  • Of student dropouts, nearly 60% will go to prison at some point.
    Education Week
  • 40% of 5-year-olds in Florida are not ready to enter kindergarten.
    Florida Phoenix
  • High schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. Only 25% of high school students graduate college-ready in the 4 core subjects of English, Reading, Math and Science.
    Do Something
  • Teacher quality is one of the most significant factors related to student achievement. In the U.S., 14% of new teachers resign by the end of their first year, 33% leave within their first 3 years, and almost 50% leave by their 5 year.
    Do Something
  • Black students have a 69% graduation rate and Hispanic students have a 73% rate, while Asian students have a 88% graduation rate and Caucasian students have an 86% rate.
    Do Something
  • The unemployment rate for college educated black people is twice that of white people. Forbes
  • Fewer than one-in-ten of all public school teachers identify as Black, Hispanic or Asian American. Less than 2% identify as Indigenous, Pacific Islander or biracial
    Pew Research
  • Nationwide, districts with a majority of students of color receive $23 billion less in education funding that predominately white school districts.
    U.S. News
  • Having at least one Black teacher in elementary school reduces students' probability of dropping out by 29% for low-income Black students – and 39 percent for very low-income Black boys.
    Johns Hopkins University

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Education has a far reaching impact beyond just preparing a a child for adulthood. Students are being prepped and educated as they grow and mature. These are a few things that are preventing students from reaching their full potential:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Literacy
  • School Leadership
  • Student Perception
  • Teacher Perception
  • District Relationship with Schools
  • Student Engagement
  • Politics
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Ways to Take Action

• Reduce class distinctions

• Stop the expansion of charter and private schools as it creates segregation in wealth classes

• Deprioritize test based funding

• Support Teachers financially

• Invest more resources for support in low-income, underfunded schools

• Dismantle the school to prison pipeline for students

Love Justice
Love Justice

• Reduce cost of education

• School lunch programs

• Educating parents

• New educational model

• Improved resources for teachers

Education Is a Vital Human Right

We believe that the best way to eradicate poverty is to ensure that all people have access to a quality education. That’s why buildOn partners with rural communities in developing countries, empowering local residents to build schools, enroll out-of-school children, and educate adult learners.

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