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LoveJustice Launches Ambassador Program in Dallas to Further Advance Social Justice Movement

DALLAS, TX (December 1, 2023) – Since establishing its online presence at on Earth Day 2022, LoveJustice has been recognized as a clear leader in the multi-cause social justice…
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Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah Will Be One Of The Featured Guest Speakers Participating In Social Justice Week

On October 25, 2023 Pace University on Sunday, October 29 will kick-off its annual Social Justice Week across its three campuses – in lower Manhattan, Pleasantville, and White Plains. In its fourth…
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Michigan Supreme Court Justice Kyra Harris Bolden talks race and justice at Ford School

By Shane Baum On November 13, 2023 The Ford School of Public Policy hosted Michigan Supreme Court Justice Kyra Harris Bolden Monday afternoon in Weill Hall to discuss her upbringing…
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Security team at Detroit’s Renaissance Center accused of racism, assault

By TheGrio Staff On November 16, 2023 “Black hotel guests and visitors to the RenCen are in extreme danger and risk for their lives,” wrote attorney Danielle Safran, representing a…
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Local prison reform advocates recognized, call for passage of reform bills in state senate

By Thomas O’Neil-White On November 15, 2023 Local and statewide prison reform advocates rallied at Niagara Square Thursday in support of two bills currently making their way through the state…
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They Were Prosecuted for Using Drugs While Pregnant. But It May Not Have Been a Crime

Dozens of women in Mississippi have been charged with child abuse crimes that, based on existing state law, they may not have committed. By Anna Wolfe On November 18, 2023…
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Deaths in Pa. jails are undercounted. Our investigation found dozens of hidden cases

By Joshua Vaughn and Brittany Hailer On November 9, 2023 Jeff Lagrotteria and Tina Talotta waited 30 minutes before doctors would allow them to enter the hospital room where their…
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A Warden Tried to Fix an Abusive Prison. He Faced Death Threats.

He was tasked with ending abuse at a federal penitentiary, but he says his own officers and the Bureau of Prisons stood in the way. By Christie Thompson, Beth Schwartzapfel,…
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Colorado banned forced prison labor 5 years ago. Prisoners say it’s still happening

By Meg Anderson On November 13, 2023 After a few months working in his prison’s hot and crowded kitchen, Richard Lilgerose noticed he was having trouble sleeping. “I was always…
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Cash bail policies are under fresh scrutiny

Some places have done away with the system, while others are considering stricter guidelines. By Amanda Hernandez On November 13, 2023 States can’t figure out what to do about cash…
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