LoveJustice Launches Ambassador Program in Dallas to Further Advance Social Justice Movement

DALLAS, TX (December 1, 2023) – Since establishing its online presence at on Earth Day 2022, LoveJustice has been recognized as a clear leader in the multi-cause social justice movement. Building on that success, LoveJustice is pleased to announce its latest initiative, the LoveJustice Ambassador Program.  

The Ambassador Program, live now in Dallas, TX, uses state-of-the-art technologies to amplify the impact of people who are passionate about making the world a better place. The program connects like-hearted people and provides them easy access to vetted, local social justice events and service opportunities. The events, hosted and run by local nonprofits, are promoted by LoveJustice to its Ambassadors to increase attendance and support, making a difference for local missions in critical areas such as hunger, the environment, disinformation, human trafficking, veterans’ issues, global conflict, gun violence, and more.

LoveJustice’s volunteers and staff work hand-in-hand with local nonprofits and community members (Ambassadors) to build a trusted, increasingly effective local social justice support network.  LoveJustice plans to roll out its Ambassador Program in 2024 and 2025 to each of the 40 major U.S. metro areas it currently serves.

LoveJustice, a nonpartisan, religiously neutral 501(c)3 nonprofit, provides its services free to all community members and to local, national and global social justice nonprofits. 

Visit to learn more or text “Dallas” to 855-783-LOVE (855-783-5683) to become a Dallas area Ambassador.  

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