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Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.”

— Ban Ki-moon

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Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.

— Hillary Clinton

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Women’s liberation is the liberation of the feminine in the man and the masculine in the woman.

— Corita Kent

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I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

— B.R. Ambedkar

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I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.

— Mary Wollstonecraft

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A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

— Melinda Gates

Women's Rights News

More People in States Like Texas are Using Telehealth to Access Abortion, Researchers Say

KERA | By Bekah Morr Published May 15, 2024 at 5:00 AM CDT More pregnant people are turning to telehealth for abortion care than ever before, according to a group of abortion…
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Ohio Doctors are Watching the U.S. Supreme Court on a Law Requiring Emergency Care and Abortion

By: Jo Ingles | Statehouse News BureauPosted on: Thursday, April 25, 2024 COLUMBUS, Ohio (Statehouse News Bureau) — Doctors in Ohio are closely watching a U.S. Supreme Court case involving abortion and a…
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Another Legal Challenge Filed Over Ohio’s Abortion Limits Still in Place After November

By: Jo Ingles | Statehouse News BureauPosted on: Saturday, May 11, 2024 COLUMBUS, Ohio (Ohio Statehouse News Bureau) – A new legal argument has been filed against the state of Ohio over its ban on…
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Sheryl Lee Ralph and Kamala Harris Are Reuniting for a Cause Near to Both of Their Hearts (Exclusive)

Story by Kyler Alvord 5.5.2024 The ‘Abbott Elementary’ actress has crossed paths with the vice president multiple times, even joining her on a trip to Ghana last year Vice President Kamala…
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For More Than 25 Years, Betty Folliard Has Pushed Minnesota to Adopt the Equal Rights Amendment

Regina Medina May 14, 2024  A few days before a crucial vote on equal rights amendment legislation, former DFL state representative Betty Folliard was out and about at the Capitol. …
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How Women In Leadership Can Transform Organizations

Rana Robillard May 9, 2024 Rana Robillard is Chief People Officer at Tekion and has served in top and senior level HR roles for more than two decades. As women, we navigate…
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UN Expert Supports New EU Directive on Violence Against Women, Highlights Need for Further Enhancements

Reem Alsalem, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, highlighted the essential role of civil society organizations in pushing the Directive through on April 24. Devdiscourse News…
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Restrictive Abortion Laws Boost Murder Rates Among Girls and Women, Research Reveals

Story by Ed Cara 5.6.2024 Protesters holding signs supporting abortion rights. Restrictive abortion laws have caused a small but real climb in fatal violence committed against women, new research out…
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Fact Sheet

  • In 2020 the U.S. ranked 53rd in the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index.
    World Economic Forum
  • In the U.S., men make 128% more than women do even in fields where women are the majority of workers.
  • 92% of childcare workers in the US are women.
    Data USA
  • Nearly 31% of childcare workers are women of color.
    Data USA
  • Women workers in unions earn 30% more than nonunion women.
  • There has been a 750% increase in number of women incarcerated in the U.S. since 1980.
    Sentencing Project
  • Over 500,000 girls and women in the U.S have undergone or are at risk of genital mutilation. 33% of these are under the age of 18.
  • 15 states have not enacted laws against female genital mutilation.
    The Aha Foundation

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  • Reproductive healthcare
  • Domestic abuse
  • Pay gap
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual violence
Love Justice

  • Raise your voice
    • Whether you’re talking to your friends and family, or engaging with an advocacy organization, the most important way to be an advocate is speaking up. By raising your voice for women’s rights and gender equality, you can spread awareness and break down barriers.
  • Support one another
    • Every day since 2015, Ayah al-Wakil, a lawyer working at the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) in Gaza Strip, has gone to court to file cases on behalf of survivors of violence. Ayah participated in a training with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, supported by a UN Women/UNDP joint programme, to defend women’s rights at the Shari’a court, which deals with family matters codified in the Personal Status Law relating to marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance. After her training, Ayah chose to remain at the Centre to continue working with survivors of violence.
  • Share the workload
    • Empowering women can start in your own home. From cooking and cleaning, to fetching water and firewood or taking care of children and the elderly, women carry out at least two and a half times more unpaid household and care work than men. As a result, they have less time to engage in paid labour, or work longer hours, combining paid and unpaid labour. Women’s unpaid work subsidizes the cost of care that sustains families, supports economies and often fills in for the lack of social services.
  • Get involved
    • Running in a local election, like Coumba Diaw in Senegal, or supporting candidates who understand women’s unique needs in your community is a critical way to ensure women’s rights. Despite growing up listening to a rhetoric that restricted women from participating in politics and public life, Coumba knew the importance of women’s leadership, and became the only woman Mayor in the Louga region of Senegal.
Love Justice
Love Justice

  • Educate the next generation
    • Youth activists around the world are stepping it up for gender equality. By empowering young advocates, and educating them about women’s rights, we can ensure a better future for all. In Kyrgyzstan, Aigul Alybaeva is doing her part to advance women’s rights and gender equality by supporting her daughter’s participation in a school-based programme that works to empower girls, generate inter-generational dialogues and change attitudes about child marriage.
  • Know your rights
    • Charo Mina-Rojas is a Colombian activist who works tirelessly to educate grassroots Afro-descendant communities of Colombia on Law 70 of 1993, which recognizes their cultural, territorial and political rights. Following the historic peace agreement in 2016, which ended the more than 50-year conflict between the Government of Colombia and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Charo advocates for justice and equality for Colombia’s afro-descendent women.
  •  Join the conversation
    • In 2017, we saw the power of social media campaigns in changing attitudes and raising awareness. By sharing your stories and amplifying the voices of others who do, you can make a difference. While the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp made waves in the United States, activists in other countries found the conversation met with some resistance. To keep the conversation going, six women’s rights activists in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia came up with their own hashtag and started a national campaign. Ana Vasileva, a women’s rights activist and a member of the feminist collective, Fight Like a Woman, and other activists kicked off a social movement in fYR Macedonia against sexual harassment, under the hashtag #СегаКажувам (#ISpeakUpNow).
  • Give to the cause
    • Every woman and girl deserves the opportunity to live a life free from violence and discrimination. Your donation can help UN Women break the cycle of violence, assist survivors, and drive economic inclusion and equal rights for women and girls everywhere.
    • Donate now at donate.unwomen.org/en

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Recommended Media

India's Daughter is a documentary film directed by Leslee Udwin and is part of the BBC's ongoing Storyville series. The film is based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of 23-year-old "Nirbhaya" who was a physiotherapy student. The documentary explores the events of the night on December 16, 2012, the protests which were sparked both nationally and internationally as a result of the attack, and the lives of the men before they committed the attack.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Love Justice
Love Justice

Finding Home is a unique documentary about trafficking, as the stories go far beyond the actual trafficking experiences. Finding Home shows in depth the struggle, growth, and challenges that come with trying to pick a life back up after it has been fragmented. Each of these three young women has a unique story with unique hurdles to overcome. The difficulties and complexities of learning how to deal with life after horrific abuse by slave owners and men looking to exploit sex with underage girls are unpacked in a way that communicates cross-culturally and proves the connectivity in the human spirit.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

Feminists: What Were They Thinking? is a 2018 documentary film directed by Johanna Demetrakas and starring Laurie Anderson, Phyllis Chesler and Judy Chicago among others. Women of different ages and backgrounds are interviewed by Demetrakas and a team of assistants on the subject of feminism, anchored in the book 'Emergence' with portraits published in 1977. Revisiting 1970’s photos of women that captured a feminist awakening, this film explores those women’s lives and examines the continued need for change.

Where to Watch: Netflix

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