War/Global Conflict
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“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.”

— Bertrand Russel

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“Wars are poor chisels for carving our peaceful tomorrows.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

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“If we don't end war, war will end us.”

— H.G. Wells

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“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

— Albert Einstein

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“It is for the benefit of mankind to mitigate the horrors of war as much as possible.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Love Justice

“War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. It's very natures is one of tragedy and suffering.”

— Dalai Lama

War/Global Conflict News

Key events since Taliban takeover of Afghanistan a year ago

The group made a stunning return to power on August 15 last year as the US-led forces withdrew from the country after two decades. Al Jazeera The Taliban stormed back…
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U.S. authorizes largest-yet military package to Ukraine

The Department of Defense estimated Russia has had 70,000 to 80,000 killed or wounded in less than six months. by Olivia Olander, POLITICO The United States has authorized its largest…
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Featured Charities for War/Global Conflict


Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) offers medical humanitarian assistance to people based solely on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Their teams of doctors, nurses, logisticians, and other frontline workers are often among the first on the scene when peoples’ lives are upended by conflict, disease outbreaks, or natural or human-made disasters.


The ICRC is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. It takes action in response to emergencies and at the same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law.


The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people affected by humanitarian crises—including the climate crisis—to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. They deliver lasting impact by providing health care, helping children learn, and empowering individuals and communities to become self-reliant, always seeking to address the inequalities facing women and girls.


A preeminent first responder, International Medical Corps provides emergency relief to those struck by conflict, disaster and disease—no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions—working with them to recover, rebuild and gain the skills and tools required for self-reliance. After the emergency has passed and our disaster-relief effort has ended, we shift from emergency medical response to long-term medical support and training.

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Fact Sheet

  • The United States defense budget for the fiscal year of 2021 is $767 billion.
    National Defense Budget
  • At least 900,000 people have been killed by direct violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan. More than 310,000 civilians have been killed in the fighting since 2001.
    Brown University
  • The U.S. post-9/11 wars have forcibly displaced at least 37 million people in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya and Syria.
    Brown University
  • Since the formation of the United States, it has spent $9,756,127,206,075 on wars ranging from Revolutionary War to current conflict.
    Congressional Research Service
  • The cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syrian total about $6.4 trillion. This does not include future interest costs on borrowing for the wars, which will add an estimated $8 trillion in the next 40 years.
    Brown University

Some Major Global Conflict Problems in 2022...

  • Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • Ethiopian civil war
  • Taliban takeover of Afghanistan
  • Israeli and Palestinian conflict
  • Haitian political, environmental turmoil
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Ways to Take Action

ANSWER Coalition is an Anti War movement centered on the U.S. Invasion of the Middle East. Millions of people participate in their marches and demonstrations. A distinguishing feature of the organization, contrasting most U.S. Peace movements is it's uncompromising support in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people. ANSWER has mobilized against the illegal coup and UN occupation of Haiti, against the illegal blockade of Cuba, and the illegal 'regime change' war on Libya.

In recent years, March Forward!, an affiliate of the ANSWER Coalition, has brought together anti-war veterans and active-duty service members to fight for their rights and oppose U.S. wars of aggression.

ANSWER has played an important role in the fight against racist and religious profiling, in support of immigrant and workers’ rights, and for economic and social justice for all. Our members are engaged in a range of struggles, from the local battles against police brutality to the international campaigns against militarism and war.

Love Justice
Love Justice

The United States’ oldest secular pacifist organization, the War Resisters League has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923. Our work for nonviolent revolution has spanned decades and been shaped by the new visions and strategies of each generation’s peacemakers. Their pledge includes striving for the removal of all causes of war, including racism, sexism, and all forms of exploitation. War Resisters League achieves this through education, organizing, strategy, and direct action.

Some of the War Resisters League current work is a campaign to end police militarization, and educating its members its history, direction, and strategies.

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

Founded in fall 2002 as a grassroots effort to prevent the US war on Iraq, they continue to organize for justice for Iraqis, to hold war criminals accountable, and to end and prevent other U.S. wars and regime change efforts. They actively oppose U.S. sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea, Cuba, and more, the continuing U.S. war in Afghanistan, torture, the detention center at Guantanamo, weaponized and spy drones, and the prosecution of whistle-blowers. They support Palestinian rights, diplomacy, and growing local peace economies. Their flagship campaign is Divest from the War Machine to divest from companies that derive their profits from U.S. military interventions, the global arms trade, and the militarization of U.S. streets.

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Recommended Media

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam War, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.

Where to Watch: YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV

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Love Justice

Thought-provoking documentary on war propaganda: how governments manipulate the facts and how most media let them get away with it.

Where to Watch: Vimeo, Films for Action

A documentary film that takes a comprehensive look at the Bush Administration's conduct of the Iraq War and its occupation of the country. From award winning film producer Charles H. Ferguson, this film was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

Where to Watch: Tubi, Hulu, HBO Max

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