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New resource highlights underrepresented voices in design

“As the country’s attention turned toward issues of social justice during the summer of 2020, a group of students in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University wanted anti-racism efforts from their own school. The students founded the Design Justice Initiative that year and drafted a letter that asked the Herberger Institute to take 14 specific actions, such as including more BIPOC, women and LGBTQ+ voices in coursework, hiring more BIPOC faculty, mandating diversity and inclusion training and adopting a more inclusive and healthier review and studio culture. Now, one of the student group’s projects has come to fruition: the Design Justice-Diversity Collection — a compilation of books, articles and other resources that amplify underrepresented voices in the design field. The collection includes more than 100 books so far” - News ASU

Valley community joins in effort to send thousands of medical supplies to Ukraine

“Many first-generation Ukrainians, and those with ties to the war-torn region, volunteered to get thousands of medical supplies packed and ready to be shipped to the region. This effort took place Thursday at the Ukrainian Culture Center located at: 730 W Elm St, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Leaders of the effort tell ABC15 hundreds of boxes, carrying thousands of medical supplies, are set to be shipped off to Ukraine.” - ABC 15

Black Mothers in Arizona Launch their own Microschools to Ensure Quality Education

“Black mothers in Arizona have launched their own microschools in an effort to ensure their children receive a quality education, The 74 Million reports. A group of Black mothers were at their wits end with what they believe is the public schools' failure in Arizona to provide “quality education and nurturing environments for Black children.” As a result, a group of Phoenix-based mothers, many of them public school educators, decided to create their own microschools with the goal of creating personalized learning for students and ending the school to prison pipeline.” - Because of Them We Can

Students apply classroom training to engage, serve downtown Phoenix neighbors

“Social work and community health care aren’t provided impersonally. The functions involve serving people where they are, especially when those doing the serving are a part of the same neighborhood. By working at the Arizona State University Community Collaborative, students engage with residents of the former Westward Ho hotel, just off the Downtown Phoenix campus, through several health-related and social activities.” - Because of Them We Can

Local Organizations

Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Every day, Keep Phoenix Beautiful provides tools to empower our diverse communities to improve overall quality of life. Our vision is a vibrant Phoenix where each neighborhood is a healthy, beautiful place to live. To achieve that vision, we aim to inspire individuals and organizations through leadership, active partnerships, and meaningful volunteer experiences.


Hope's Crossing

Hope’s Crossing was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of women in transition from prisons, addictions, or homelessness to a life of work, family, and community.  Hope’s Crossing offers job skills training, housing assistance, and, most importantly, a program of emotional support geared toward creating a new belief system that promotes whole and healthy living.  Over the past five years, Hope’s Crossing has assisted hundreds of women of all ages to develop self-worth, personal accountability, and restoration of hope in the family.


Harmony Project Phoenix

Harmony Project harnesses the transformative power of music to increase access to higher education for underserved students by removing systemic barriers to achievement through academic and social support.


Opemia Empowerment Center

Financial, educational, and societal impacts have continued to expand the economic wealth gap for minorities. Our vision is a world where economic equity and access to opportunities & resources are no longer a barrier for people of color.


Casa Cares

Casa has been the Arizona leader for over 40 years in addressing child abuse, relationship violence and bullying. As a result, we are convinced that the integration of SEL and EQ is the solution to decrease bullying, meanness, abuse and violence.

Tiger Mountain Foundation

Challenged Communities need help, especially with areas where there is increased incarceration and poor health choices. The TigerMountain Foundation reverses that problem through our community gardens and agri-landscaping initiatives. These initiatives teach practical life skills to youth, adults and seniors, keeping them out of jail, and improving their lives and community. We are a Non-Profit Organization that manages Community Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.


Act One

Act One is actively working with arts organizations across the state exploring digital and virtual platforms to share with schools to ensure that Arizona's children continue to have access to the arts. Exciting things are soon to come and we look forward to being innovative in our ways to continue to connect children with the arts.


Kitchen on the Street 

Kitchen on the Street (KOS AZ) began serving the community in 2007 when the Scarpinato family learned about the prevalence of food insecurity in local Arizona children. Hearing that thousands of children that received breakfast and lunch at school, but were going hungry on weekends, compelled Vince, Lisa and Taylor Scarpinato to found Kitchen on the Street as a means of bringing food and hope to children in need.


Vision One Women

Our goal is to create a platform through which we are able to reach out and lend a helping hand to any woman in need of aid, but most specifically homeless women and single mothers struggling to make ends meet. We believe that every woman has her own unique gifts, and through uniting in sisterhood and sharing these gifts, we have the power to spread out our resources and make the world a better place for all.


Heard Museum

Since its founding in 1929, the Heard Museum has grown in size and stature to become recognized internationally for the quality of its collections, world-class exhibitions, educational programming and its unmatched festivals. Dedicated to the advancement of American Indian art, the Heard successfully presents the stories of American Indian people from a first-person perspective, as well as exhibitions that showcase the beauty and vitality of traditional and contemporary art.

Recent Events


AZ AANHPI For Equity and AZ Youth Climate Coalition are hosting an event to promote climate justice, voting rights, and social justice for our community. This year we will be electing government officials and we need to advocate for our community in order to hold them accountable. We will have performances, discussions about social issues, food and drinks, and viewing art/film submissions from the contest. Enjoy a night of art, community, and social justice! 

Healing. Life. Union. Reconstruction. Pain. Wounds.
Tune in to watch the premier of “Postales de Lucha” created by the mom’s of Trans Queer Pueblo! Congratulations to Livia, Margarita,Josefina, Maria and the coordinator of Families, Dora. A big thank you to the feminist collective Realidades Asimétricas and Daniela Palao and Ignacio Ferreyra for your labor and support.


Upcoming Events

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