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As City of Houston moves forward with relocating Fifth Ward residents, development in cancer cluster area sparks concerns

By Ashley Brown On February 7, 2024 The city issued 88 permits for new single-family homes and 17 for multifamily units since January 2019 when the cancer cluster area was…


TMO Drives Tenfold Surge in Community Input at TCEQ Hearing

posted by THE METROPOLITAN ORGANIZATION – TMO HOUSTON January 05, 2024 TMO leaders from Kashmere Gardens crashed a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) hearing to voice their concerns and opposition to…


Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking

By Michelle Choi January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and on Thursday, local advocates and community leaders rallied to raise awareness. Author: Michelle Choi HOUSTON — January is National Human Trafficking Awareness…

Local Organizations

Self Help for African People through Education - SHAPE is of the most visible and involved community centers in Houston’s African-American community and the Houston community as a whole. It has led the way toward justice, equal opportunity, and institution building in the city, state, nation and world. Because of its deep commitment to the community, SHAPE has actively sought ways to oppose injustice and to better the community for all people.

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services - TEJAS is dedicated to providing community members with the tools necessary to create sustainable, environmentally healthy communities by educating individuals on health concerns and implications arising from environmental pollution, empowering individuals with an understanding of applicable environmental laws and regulations and promoting their enforcement, and offering community building skills and resources for effective community action and greater public participation.

Collective of Houston Asian Americans - CHAA is a collective of Asian American Queer Houstonians committed to intersectional work around our identities, our communities, and fellow communities of color.

Gender Infinity - Gender Infinity is an organization that creates affirming spaces for families, learners, advocates, and providers to advance relationships, knowledge, and resources that empower gender diverse individuals. They also host an annual conference.

South Texas Human Rights Center - STHRC is a community based organization dedicated to the promotion, protection, defense and exercise of human rights and dignity in South Texas. Our mission is to end death and suffering on the Texas/Mexico border through community initiatives.

Houston Area Women's Center - HAWC helps individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence in their efforts to move their lives forward. We provide shelter, counseling and advocacy to support them in building lives free from the effects of violence. We seek social change to end domestic and sexual violence through community awareness and education. Our services are confidential and available to everyone.

United Against Human Trafficking - UAHT was formed in 2005 as a volunteer coalition in response to the growing recognition and alarm over the prevalence of human trafficking in the Greater Houston area. The organization aspires for all people to experience freedom and live beyond bondage to others. They envision a world that is intolerant of buyers and sellers of human beings.

South West Alternate Media Project - SWAMP is a non-profit organization that encourages a diverse, multicultural community to create and appreciate film as an art form. Incorporated as a nonprofit media arts center in 1977, SWAMP is Houston’s premier creative resource for filmmakers and film lovers. SWAMP promotes film and new media through education, information, and presentation activities for all ages.

Daya - Daya supports South Asian women, their children and families who are trying to break the cycle of domestic and sexual violence and reclaim their lives. Daya empowers these women by offering counseling and advocacy, promoting community awareness, and by advocating at the policy level. Daya’s approach fosters individual freedom and respect leading to healthy families.

Upcoming Events


“The Fairytale Project”

A dance performance about the love between two African-American slaves and how they discover their roots in the free colonies of East Texas. It is both informative and moving.

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