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This organization serves the large low income immigrant population in the D.C. area. Ayuda provides free legal service, therapy, interpreters, and much more. Since its opening in 1973, the non-profit has helped over 100,000 low income immigrants. With the rampant xenophobia and inequality throughout the justice system, Ayuda is essential in helping those most in need. You can volunteer pro-bono if you are a lawyer or donate on their website.

Free Minds Book Club
Free Minds Book Club works with incarcerated people that were tried as adults when they were minors. According to its website, approximately 60 D.C. youth are tried as adults each year and over 95% of them are Black. Their overall mission is to connect the literary arts with those that are inside D.C. jail or have just left through workshops, readings, and book clubs. There are several remote volunteer opportunities such as: writing letters, typing poems, and creating lockdown worksheets. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, you can purchase a poetry book.

Capital Area Food Bank
The pandemic greatly heightened the vast food insecurity issue facing the United States. That’s why food banks like the Capital Area Food Bank are key to closing the hunger gap. Each year this food bank distributes over 45 million meals and works on several initiatives about nutrition and food access. If you are looking to volunteer some of your time or donate any money, please visit its website here.

So Others Might Eat
SOME addresses the increasing homelessness, poverty, and hunger in the D.C. area.  These issues are growing dramatically with the COVID-19 pandemic. SOME offers services such as: affordable housing, job training, addiction counseling, a food pantry, and much more. All basic needs are provided by the organization, no questions asked. To donate or volunteer please visit the website.

Miriam's Kitchen
Miriam’s Kitchen is another organization that works towards ending chronic homelessness in D.C.. Due to gentrification and the pandemic, homelessness rates have skyrocketed which is why places like Miriam’s Kitchen are vital to helping those most in need. Their programs include: lobbying, housing placement, free meals, and more. If you would like to donate your time or money to this incredible cause, please visit its website here.

Many Languages One Voice
The D.C. area has a very large immigrant population, therefore, empowering organizations like Many Languages One Voice is so important for those who need help navigating the US and the predominantly English spaces. This organization advocates for immigrants’ rights through different means: language access and interpretation, know your rights training, and direct cash assistance. If you are passionate about language diversity, access, and inclusion as well as immigrant rights, please consider donating your time or money on the website.

DC Coalition for the Homeless

24/7 Shelter Hotline – when the temperature or Wind Chill is 32 or below, the District of Columbia issues a Hypothermia Alert. On Hypothermia Alert Day, the District is obligated by law to make shelter available. On those days, your call to the Shelter Hotline should result in the dispatch of a van to take the person from the street to an emergency shelter (or to a hospital if needed). The van is equipped with items such as water, blankets, gloves and jackets.

Movement Matters
Movement Matters (MM) ensures the development of greater infrastructure and capacity for movement-based community organizing. We work directly in partnership with organizations and individuals to provide training, technical assistance, accompaniment, and mentorship that strengthens their approach to creating change.

NeighborGood is a free, online District of Columbia-specific volunteer opportunity database and search engine. NeighborGood connects residents with meaningful District-based volunteer opportunities and connects community-based organizations and others with the city’s cadre of dedicated, experienced volunteers.

Bread For The City
The mission of Bread for the City is to help Washington, DC residents living with low income to develop their power to determine the future of their own communities. We provide food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty. We seek justice through community organizing and public advocacy. We work to uproot racism, a major cause of poverty. We are committed to treating our clients with the dignity and respect that all people deserve.

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