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While Campaigning on “Parental Control,” Top State Officials Champion School Vouchers

Undermining public schools has been a winning strategy for governors in several states. But for many rural, conservative communities in Texas, such schools are the only game in town. By Bekah McNeel September 8, 2022 At a July campaign event in Fort Stockton, Governor Greg Abbott played what has proven to be a winning card for…

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Dallas County Jail overcrowding could soon cost taxpayers millions

The Republican Commissioner says state leaders should use budget surplus to help solve the problem. Author: Michael McCardel Published: 11:00 AM CDT September 11, 2022 Updated: 11:00 AM CDT September 11, 2022 DALLAS COUNTY, Texas — There isn’t much space left inside the Dallas County jail and the lone Republican on the Commissioners Court was blunt when asked…

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Local Organizations

The Afiya Center - Founded and operated by black women, The Afiya Center seeks to quell reproductive oppression. African-American women are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS than women in other communities. The Dallas organization has created a bail fund in response to the city’s recent demonstrations. Those who have been arrested because of the protests or curfew are encouraged to fill out a form to receive legal assistance.

Black Trans Advocacy Coalition - Located in Carrollton, the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition was founded to improve black trans lives, particularly in areas like health, employment and housing. They’ve set up a grant program to help provide trans people with necessities like food and shelter during the coronavirus pandemic.

BYP100 - The Black Youth Project 100 is a national nonprofit organization of black youth activists working to create justice and freedom for all. Although it was originally founded in Chicago in 2013, it’s since opened a Dallas chapter. Donations to BYP100 will support the organization’s daily work as well as provide bail funds, legal support and mutual aid for black activists.

Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression - This grassroots organization works to stop police wrongdoing, prison profiteering, economic inequity and racist political repression.

Faith in Texas - Faith in Texas is a multiracial and interfaith organization seeking to reduce Dallas’ jail population through its work with people affected by the prison system. Its Luke 4:18 Bail Fund helps post bail for currently and formerly incarcerated people. Now, the group is striving to bail out activists jailed for their participation during the ongoing protests.

Unity Unlimited - Unity Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose main mission is providing educational activities and resources to people, young and old, to foster unity and harmony within the community, the city, the state, the nation and the world regardless of race, culture or denomination.

The House of Rebirth - A North Texas-based nonprofit organization, The House of Rebirth supports black trans women by providing resources for counseling, housing and medical needs. Among THOR’s ultimate goals is to lengthen the lives of African-American trans women who are at a disproportionate risk of being murdered, especially in Texas.

Mothers Against Police Brutality - The Dallas-based Mothers Against Police Brutality seeks to redesign the system that protects trigger-happy police officers from ever facing murder charges. Founder Collette Flanagan’s son was killed by a Dallas police officer who was never punished for his actions. MAPB ultimately hopes to restore trust between police and the citizens they serve; it calls for greater civil rights, policy reform and police accountability.

Next Generation Action Network - The Next Generation Action Network is a Dallas nonprofit organization of young leaders aiming to end social injustice through civil and community reform. It has set up a fundraiser to bail out activists arrested during the George Floyd protests. Funds accrued will also help pay for demonstrators’ legal expenses.

North Texas Dream Team - Since 2010, this Dallas-based volunteer organization has provided free services to undocumented people living in North Texas. It’s also worked to provide them with information and resources during the coronavirus pandemic. Among other demands, the North Texas Dream Team is calling on Dallas to divest from the police and end the war on black people.

Texas Organizing Project - With a branch in Dallas, the Texas Organizing Project works to empower indigent and working-class people via community organizing and electoral and civic engagement. In addition to improving health care and immigration policies, it’s also calling for increased police accountability and sweeping prison reform.

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Local Hero Spotlight

Marcus Russell was one of three Dallas-area activists who received the Environmental Justice Award from the Texas Sierra Club on Saturday.

Among the trio, Russell stands out as having the shortest tenure in the green movement - but he’s making up for it in sheer effort.

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