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Police lights at a crime scene at night. One police car was parked behind the other with its lights on.

Florida Police Arrest 123 in Sex Trafficking Operation

Tyler Wornell Updated: JAN 11, 2024 / 11:16 PM CST (NewsNation) — Police in Florida announced Thursday the arrests of more than 100 people after an operation targeting human trafficking. Hillsborough County…

Local Organizations

Jacksonville Public Education Fund - The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is an independent nonprofit organization that works to connect research with civic voice to bring about unified action in support of universally high-quality public schools for all children in Duval County.

The League of Women Voters of Jacksonville/First Coast - The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Jacksonville Florida Black Pride Inc. - The Jacksonville Florida Black Pride is a social network created to build the unity and fellowship of the Black LGBTQ+ community in Jacksonville. It hosts community empowerment activities and initiatives focusing on education, health, leadership, and philosophy of fellowship and inclusiveness of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

K-9s For Heroes - K-9s For Heroes is an organization that aims to empower veterans and their family members suffering from mental or emotional disorders to live independently with the companionship of a professionally trained dog rescued from a shelter. These companion dogs are trained and placed with each qualified person at no expense to the individual.

Hunger Fight - At Hunger Fight, we believe all children deserve access to food and education to give them hope, consistency, and security. The problem is that many children in our own backyards go hungry every day — both physically and mentally — and they’re left feeling scared, depressed, worried, and angry. No child should have to go hungry.

Wounded Warrior Project - We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different. We are here for their first step, and each step that follows, because we believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. Everything we offer is free because there’s no dollar value to finding recovery and no limit to what you can achieve.

Taylor Belle Foundation - We offer summer camps and after school programs for children ages 4-14. We strive to educate our participants in healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise in daily life. Our vision is a world where every child learns habits for healthy living that they can carry into adulthood.

Gabriel House of Care - Our mission is to promote a “community of healing” environment by providing affordable, temporary lodging for adult organ transplant and cancer patients as well as their caregivers who come to Jacksonville for medical treatment.

North Florida Land Trust - North Florida Land Trust is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and preserving the natural places of North Florida. We work to ensure our region’s treasured lands will be protected and enjoyed by future generations.

Association Diaspora of Solidarity in Haiti - We believe in solidarity, social justice, and education. By helping Haitian children and their families, we can better their future and communities. We want to provide equal opportunities for each and every person.

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