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Local Organizations

Coalition for Social Justice - A grassroots organization founded in 1994 that is committed to providing outreach and information to those affected by poverty. They aim to develop leadership within low-income communities, create a network of volunteers, build coalitions, provide information and hold elected officials accountable.

Communities for Restorative Justice - Communities for Restorative Justice focuses on strengthening the community by engaging them in conversations about conflict. In partnership with 25 cities and towns, they listen and support victims, hold offenders accountable and work directly with police departments on a restorative justice program.

Lawyers for Civil Rights - A Boston-based organization that represents, supports, and protects the rights of people of color and immigrants across impact areas that include promoting racial justice and combating police brutality and misconduct. LCR represents Hope Coleman, the mother of Terrence Coleman, a 31-year old Black man who was fatally shot by a Boston police officer in 2016.

The Massachusetts Bail Fund - The Massachusetts Bail Fund works to post bail of up to $2,000 for low-income individuals in Middleton House of Correction, Suffolk County House of Corrections and Nashua Street Jail. They will also cover any bail commissioner fees.

Bikes Not Bombs - Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change to achieve economic mobility for Black and other marginalized people in Boston.

Hyde Square Task Force - HSTF was founded on the belief that communities are stronger when we take care of our youth. By harnessing their potential, we not only help youth navigate adolescence, but support them in becoming the changemakers of today and our future. HSTF was formed in the 1980s by a coalition of neighbors and leaders coming together to address the growing violence and related challenges facing the Hyde/Jackson neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

Roca - Roca’s mission is to be a relentless force in disrupting incarceration, poverty, and racism by engaging the young adults, police, and systems at the center of urban violence in relationships to address trauma, find hope, and drive change.

Jane Doe Inc. - At Jane Doe Inc., we work to amplify the voices of all who are impacted by sexual and domestic violence and to undo the social injustices that perpetuate an abuse of power. We work with our coalition members and a host of public and private partners to create policies and explore innovative solutions that improve the lives of survivors. We seek to prevent gender-based violence by changing the lens through which people view the experiences of survivors and by promoting equity and justice for everyone.

The Greater Boston Food Bank - Through the compassion and commitment of our supporters, staff, partners and volunteers, the Greater Boston Food Bank takes a bold, innovative and multi-pronged approach to achieve our mission to end hunger here. GBFB is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the country. Last year, we distributed 98.8 million pounds of nutritious food to people who struggle to have enough to eat. We are committed to increasing our food distribution to provide three meals a day to every person in need in Eastern Massachusetts while supporting healthy lives and healthy communities.

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