The Social Justice Community Portal

LoveJustice, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, provides a community portal and free membership which includes a virtual management and communication dashboard for each member. LoveJustice provides timely information on social justice causes as well as tools for members to collaborate and accelerate local and global social justice change. Members can prioritize causes, form teams, invite members to their teams, see events on their personalized calendar, get a map view of team members locations, and chat with their team.  Members can manage their volunteer hours and donations to the LoveJustice mission and to unaffiliated social justice charities vetted by LoveJustice.

LoveJustice is grassroots and people-oriented. Members are unified under a broad pledge of care and mutual respect. LoveJustice expansion plans include hosting local gatherings in partnership with area charities, leadership training and extending operations to other countries.

LoveJustice features:

  • An extensive information resource for support of social justice causes.
  • Local news, events and ways to engage in 40 U.S. metro areas (& growing!).
  • A proprietary personal and team management console for members.
  • A uniquely transparent, vetted, donor-driven philanthropic platform.
  • A funding and volunteer source for local, national, and global charities.
  • A vibrant, caring community pledged to work together for good.
Love Justice
LoveJustice.com is a home and a supportive community for like-minded people passionate about making their world a better place.

Celebrating our efforts and highlighting those who serve via peer recognition, LoveJustice offers the mutual support essential to ongoing success in the work to counter the terrible human cost of injustice and deal with its root causes.

Join Us
LoveJustice is neutral regarding religious, political or philosophical persuasion, acknowledging and encouraging all who advance social justice.

LoveJustice publishes its social justice community portal free at lovejustice.com as a catalyst for the social justice movement.