Kid Yells “All Gays Should Die” During Encounter With Far-Right Streamer at Marlins Game

Nothing tops an afternoon at LoanDepot Park. You know — hot dogs, brewskis, kids spouting homophobic rants.

By Naomi Feinstein

Online streaming personality Nico Kenn De Balinthazy, AKA Sneako, poses for selfies at a Miami Marlins game at LoanDepot Park. Twitter screenshot via @FearedBuck

Nothing beats an afternoon at the ballpark: Hot dogs, cold brewskis, rooting for the home team, and young kids spouting homophobic rants.

video making the rounds on social media captures alt-right streamer Nico Kenn De Balinthazy, better known as Sneako, meeting young fans during a Marlins game at LoanDepot Park on Saturday afternoon.

In the video, posted early Sunday evening to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, a group of boys poses for selfies with the streamer when one of the kids exclaims, “Andrew Tate!” and “Fuck the women! Fuck the women!”

Sneako interjects, saying, “We love the women.”

The boy then clarifies, “We love women, but not, like, transgenders.”

Two other boys chime in, saying “Fuck gays,” and, “All gays should die.”

De Balinthazy then looks at the camera and says, “What have I done?”

“What have I done?” Sneako mused after young fans spouted bigoted slurs at a Marlins game. (Click to view tweet and video.)

Early Monday morning, Sneako posted a response from his account, stating, “They are children and obviously joking.”

“This is how I was at 12. But if it sounds egregious to you, blame the [rainbow emoji] flags in their classrooms. Blame the media for emasculating men. It’s YOUR fault for forcing an obvious agenda,” Sneako said. “Not these kids. BOYS WILL BE BOYS.”

The streamer, who recently moved to Miami, was a popular figure in Reddit’s Red Pill community, where incel (i.e., involuntary celibate) men discuss dating and often spout misogynistic and hateful comments about women. Other notable influencers within the community include British American former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate, who gained prominence for his toxic opinions about women. (Tate is awaiting trial on human trafficking and rape charges in Romania.)

De Balinthazy rose to prominence for his gaming videos and later became a provocateur and far-right troll. His popular videos feature him going up to people on the street and paying them $1 to say the word nigger, as well as discussions about why men and women are not equal.

After he was banned from YouTube in October 2022, De Balinthazy turned to Rumble for streaming his content, where he remains popular among younger male viewers.

Sneako has aligned himself with controversial figures like white supremacist Nick Fuentes and Tate. In November 2022, he announced he’d joined the 2024 presidential campaign of Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, to produce videos for the wannabe candidate’s social media pages.

This piece was republished from the Miami New Times.

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