New Law Closes Gap in Eligibility For Veterans’ Benefits


Gov. Kim Reynolds signs House File 259 dealing with veterans benefits on April 18, 2024 at an event in Johnston. (Photo by Kathie Obradovich/Iowa Capital Dispatch)

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill Thursday that she said would help deliver services to military veterans and close a gap in eligibility for some Iowans with service-related disabilities.

She signed House File 259 during a conference of county veterans affairs commissioners and leaders in Johnston. The bill addresses training and requirements for county commissioners, executive directors and administrators. It passed both chambers of the Legislature with no opposition.

“At the state level. It’s our duty to help veterans identify early benefit(s) that they’re eligible for and access all the services that are due to them. And that’s really exactly what House File 259 aims to do,” Reynolds said. “And it’s my hope that this bill will also help us increase the number of benefits Iowa veterans receive.”

The bill expands the definition of “veteran” to include a resident of the state who served in any component of the U.S. armed forces who has a service-connected disability and was honorably discharged.

“This closes a gap in current code to ensure men and women who were injured in training, but do not meet the active duty requirement are eligible for veterans services,” Reynolds said.

This article was originally posted by Iowa Capital Dispatch.

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