Prescription refill is now available via VA Health and Benefits mobile app

By VA Office of Information and Technology

On March 30, 2023

Veterans can now refill their prescriptions (Rx) using the VA Health and Benefits mobile app. Existing users will need to download the latest version of the app to gain access to new features. If you don’t see the Prescriptions feature in the “Health Care” tab after you download the latest version, completely quit the app and open it again.

The Health and Benefits mobile app is VA’s official, all-in-one, on-the-go, easy-to-use, accessible, on-demand app that enables Veterans to manage both their VA health care and benefits services at their fingertips.

Adding Rx refill makes the VA Health and Benefits mobile app more useful and multi-functional for the over 1 million Veterans who have downloaded the mobile app.

VA designed and developed the app with Veterans’ feedback, so it’s an easy, streamlined and secure digital platform that allows you to complete everyday VA tasks from an IOS or Android smartphone. It offers a more personalized experience, allowing you to quickly and easily connect with VA to manage your health care and benefits needs.

Highlights of the new Rx refill feature

The new Rx refill feature allows Veterans to:

  • View your VA active and non-active Rx history (up to 180 days);
    • Filter and sort Rxs
    • View Rx details
  • Request refills of your refillable VA-dispensed Rxs;
  • View pending (recently submitted or refill in-process) refills; and
  • View tracking information, through delivery, for trackable refills.

The app provides a native mobile interface, like the “Rx refill” feature of My HealtheVet. You can easily track refill requests submitted through the app or the My HealtheVet website and dispensed by a VA Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy using the app’s “Track Delivery” feature.

This new feature means you can easily (with your phone’s biometric face recognition or thumb login capability) and securely log into the VA Health and Benefits mobile app to quickly and safely manage your VA prescriptions from anywhere. If you don’t have a compatible mobile device, don’t worry! You can still access web-based Rx refills at or My HealtheVet.

Note: VA is undergoing an Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) effort, which may impact whether the My HealtheVet and Rx refill feature on the VA Health and Benefits mobile app are operational in your area. To learn more, visit the EHRM website.

Consolidated, fast, and intuitive access

The VA Health and Benefits mobile app offers a single-entry point for Veterans to access their most common VA health care and benefits transactions. You no longer need to figure out which website to visit or remember which password to use. VA’s Health and Benefits mobile app acts as the digital front door for Veterans, families and caregivers, streamlining access to information and services and eliminating the frustration associated with siloed technologies of the past.

“VA hit the nail on the head with this app. I can’t stress enough how useful it is. It used to be that I had to go to the computer and navigate different areas of the VA site, which at the time were unintuitive. It’s so much easier now,” shared a VA Health and Benefits mobile app user.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Here’s how

Accessing the VA Health and Benefits mobile app is free, fast and easy! Simply search “VA” and download the VA: Health and Benefits app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store located on your mobile device.

To learn more about the mobile app and its other features—such as managing appointments; secure messaging; viewing claims and appeals, and submitting related evidence; downloading VA letters; and locating VA facility locations—check out the VA Health and Benefits mobile app website.

VA will continue to roll out more new features to the app in the future.

This piece was republished from the VA News.

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